Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1 Year...In a nutshell.

Random ones from the year

Cruise in Dec., one of our apartments, me going through his Dental school applications...

Bridal, obviously.
Me and my sisters Est and Jess when I got engaged.

Well folks, this Saturday is our big 1 year anniversary, and as I think about how fast it's flown by, and the fact that I am extremely bored watching Tyler play his video game, I thought I might actually start getting up-to-date on this blog that I actually started last September (when I was all newly married and SO excited to start OUR blog).... I don't even know where to start, Tyler and I met each other 3 years ago in our ward, friends for a while, dated for a year, and got married Sep. 19th, 2008. We lived in Provo last year and then moved to Houston for the summer while Ty sold alarm systems (everyone knows how that is), and are now back in Provo. Ty is getting his 2nd degree in Biology at UVU and I am just working.He is applying for dental school this summer, so we will crossing our fingers. We have a precious pup named Charlie. I will fill in more details and put up more stories and pictures. But as for now, happy 1 year to us!