Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catch-up and Ketchup.

Well well well, time is flying and I'm sure everyone is as shocked as I am that this week is already THANKSGIVING! Tyler and I are spending it with his family in Layton this year because we are going to New Orleans for Christmas. I am so excited to spend time with his family and eat delicious food. So on to the catching up.. A while back Tyler was able to go down to Las Vegas to run the Ragnar with his Dad and sister Megan. It is a 190 something miles that you run as a relay with the other members of your team. I was bummed I couldn't go down to support him, but I heard it was a crazy and interesting 24 hours of running..

I am now into my 2nd trimester and feeling great. I feel very lucky and blessed to be feeling as good as I am..My energy levels are going up, and the crazy cravings and ickyness are going down. A few weeks back was the weirdest so far, my food of choice being KETCHUP. I would bake a bunch of potatoes, only so I could cover them.. no SUBMERGE them in ketchup. One day I was really craving both cottage cheese and ketchup so I took one of said potatoes and covered it in both...only now looking back do I almost gag at how gross that really was. And it really weirded Tyler out haha.

Tylers work treated us to a wonderful day/night at a gorgeous resort in Park City which was wonderful.

  Halloween came and went.. I was also able to go to the Ellen show in L.A. a few weeks ago! One of my good friends Annie had 2 extra tickets so my friend Jani and I jumped on board and had a BLAST! Due to my still missing camera and a very caveman phone I have no pictures of this experience..We are so excited for the next few weeks, Thanksgiving, finding out BOY or GIRL, Christmas, and Tyler surprised me after we found out we were pregnant with a trip to Cabo with our friends Jani and Jeremy. We need to take advantage of the few months left of just him and I and soak it all up. He really is too good to me and I am so lucky to have him. He is an amazing husband and will be an amazing father... I just need to do a better job of telling him that instead of all the other crazy/absurd/sometimes a little mean things that have been coming out...Hormones right?!