Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I would apologize, but it'll probably happen again.

Ok, so, I am really really bad at this whole blogging thing. And I would say it will get better, but let's be honest, it probably won't. The problem is that our camera has been in an unknown box for the better part of the now 2 1/2 years we've been married. We've technically moved 6 times since we've been married and we are about to move again at the end of April, so why the heck am I gonna unpack these boxes? I'm not. We have probably 75% of our wedding gifts still in their original box, and when they will finally be opened is a mystery. Anyywhooo, Tyler has been selling for APX alarm systems (now called Vivant?) the past 2 summers, and will be a manager this summer, so we are really excited about it. Last summer we were in Portland, OR, and then moved around week to week from North Dakota, Wyoming, etc. This summer we are going to be in Michigan, so that will be a fun place to explore. I started back in school this past fall and am actually really liking it. After an almost 3 year hiatus, I thought I should just bust through this thing. So the pictures I have are ones that I have taken on my phone so they aren't great, and they are VERY random, but better than nothing:)
OK explanation of pictures : 1st is sadly one of the few pics of me and Ty, at a park in New Orleans during our trip for Thanksgiving, 2nd is a SERIOUS shoutout to my baby Ty and Amy Gomez. She is an awesome friend who made this UHHmazzingg cake for my birthday. Bottom layer was coconut with bavarian cream filling, Top was chocolate with a caramel buttercream. I had a piece every night for the past week until it was finally gone, and I've missed it ever since. 3rd me and my best big sis Jess, on my bday. 4th, me and my best lil sis Esther, the day after she got engaged!! (wedding in April). Then Jess and her BF Brandon and Ty and I eating beignets in NO. Deliciousss. Me and Ty at Jackson Square in NO. Charlie ready for a too baby boo, me too. Then Ty getting ready for the Brad Paisley concert with his caramel corn and cowboy boots; I laugh every time I look at that picture.. The next 2 are a very common occurrence at our apt. Ty cuddling with the dogs. Serious cuddlefest every day with these 3. Ty, Charlie, and Lola(the tan one), inseparable when he's home. The Last 3 are on one of our many traveling car rides during the summer, and one of the highlights was being able to go to Mount Rushmore, trying to get a bit of history, my pops was so proud:). Well sorry it was long, and disorganized, but maybe one day I'll get the hang of this darn thing. But so far my track record ain't so good. Until next time!!