Thursday, October 20, 2011

May 25th, 2012

So a while back I was at my friend Jani's house...and I ate ALL of her food. I seriously was eating anything she put in front of my face..popcorn, candy, and then she put out these spicy tostitos and I inhaled half the bag. Then a week later I was watching the Kim Kardashian wedding extravaganza and I cried. Then there was another time when I NEEDED a corn dog from all these didn't seem too strange at the time....UNTIL everything made sense with the best surprise of my life. I am pregnant!! We are beyond thrilled and feel overwhelmed with so many emotions..Today we had our 10 week appt and got the due date...MAY 25th 2012! I may have already ordered a box of diapers from Costco ( they were having a great deal!!) so I am a little on the crazy lady side.. Ty and I went to Paradise Bakery after to celebrate with some breakfast sandwiches that tasted extra delicious.. We feel so blessed and I can't wait for every milestone ahead..