Monday, July 9, 2012

Stella Rachel Auton

Warning: There are no pictures in this post, I am on the iPad and we do not have the laptop at the moment so I have no way to upload pics, but I feel like I need to write Stellas story before she's 5 and can write it herself...I will add pics in the future.. Soooo Tuesday May 15th, my mom had been staying with me for 3 weeks now (Tyler was working in North Dakota the 5 weeks before Stella was born).. We were going for daily walks, enjoying our mother/daughter bonding time. My due date was the 25th, but my Dr. Was willing to induce me the Monday before so Tyler could drive back on that Sunday and be here for the week and go back to work in ND the following Sunday. Stella had other plans. On that Tuesday my mom and I ran some errands and came back to my house where I took the dogs out back to go to the bathroom. While walking around I thought my water broke but I wasn't 100% sure ( I've never done this before ok?!) So I go back inside and tell my mom but we decided to hop on Skype with Esther, who starts timing my contractions that are getting to be minutes apart. I still wasn't totally convinced because I had been having Braxton Hicks constantly for weeks. My mom is urging me to go to the hospital ( which was in downtown Salt Lake, about 35-45 min away) so I appease her by going to take a shower and grab my hospital bag.. We decide to head to the hospital, I'm STILL not convinced anything is happening because I had 2 other incidences of false labor and been sent home. I send Tyler a text that I'm going to the hospital but not to freak out until I'm sure..of course he freaks out haha. My mother in law met us at the hospital and I check in. They have to run multiple tests to make sure it was in fact the amniotic fluid and that I would be staying and having this baby!! 2 hours later they conclude that it was my water, Tyler begins racing across the state to make it in time.. I have contractions all night, get an epidural and pitocin started at 7:30 am..i ask them if they are sure I won't have her before Tyler got there, they assure me I most likely have all day...Tyler gets there at 10ish.. I am progressing very fast by this point. At 11 I am at a 6/7, if I have pressure I should let the nurse 11:15 I tell them I am feeling some pressure, they are shocked when I'm at a 10 and ready to go!! I don't think I've ever felt so ready and so scared for something in my whole life. The Dr comes in and I start pushing at 7:25.. They tell me she has hair and I have never wanted to see someone's hair more then hers in my life..Stella arrived Wednesday, May 16th at 11:49. 8 lbs 4oz. 21 inches long. And HAIR!!! Oh how I loved that fuzzy head.. Tyler cut the cord and put on her first diaper..My mom and Tylers mom were also in the room. It was the most amazing experience, so much more then I could have imangined or could ever describe. The next 2 days all I could do was stare at her and Tyler. And that's all I've done since, and that's why I haven't blogged:)My mom stayed with me for the 3 weeks after since Tyler had to go back go work in ND. It was a sad sadddd day when she had to leave. Stella has brought SO much laughter, smiles, and tears ( of joy) to our lives. We are obsessed. We are in LOVE.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Olympics

Baby Girl found out that this summer are the Olympics, and she is desperately practicing to make it on the gymnastics team. It's been going on for a while, but she must have figured it's crunch-time, because she is practicing ALL day, and ALL night. It's crazy/interesting/amazing how much stronger her moves have been getting, sometimes stopping me in my tracks and often times waking me up at night..I am 35 weeks now, and the Dr. said if I start progressing he would induce in the 39th week, so I have 4-5 more weeks!! Her room is mostly done, and my hospital is basically packed...I'm not organized, just bored haha...We can't wait for her to come and to see what she looks like, we are SO excited!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love for the Little Peanut

These LOVELY ladies, my good friends Lizzie, Jani, and Annie, are too good to me! They threw me the most adorable shower for the "little peanut"..and I cannot say Thank You enough to them!! I felt so loved and am so grateful!

My good friend Karen, love you and thanks for coming pretty lady!                                                                                              Jani, me, and Jessica..some of the sweetest girls alive!!!!!

Me and Jess!! The best big sister ever, thanks for taking all these pics and always being there for girl has the best aunts on the planet.....

Haha! This was too good to pass up, Annie is just a little ways behind me, having a girl too...I can't wait for all the fun with these girls..................... 

These were the precious little favors, a cupcake ( deliciously homemade by Jani) inside these little boxes.That is also what the invitation looked like, with the little elephant, TOO CUTE I can't even stand it....can you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

They also had the cutest idea of everyone choosing 2 letters of the alphabet and having a piece of cardstock to draw and decorate, corresponding with the letter. She is sending ones to my mom and Esther. Then the book will be put together and baby girl has her personalized alphabet book..It was fun to see everyones creativity:)

They had delicious food and made brazilian lemonade to put in the cute milk bottles.. 

More of the girls, Gess, Alicia, Chelsey, Marcy, and Karen.

A few of my loves, Gelana, Paige, and Gess..

More of the lovely ladies, Jani, Marcy, Chelsey, Alicia (and her precious boy Josh Jr.)

Thank you so much for all your love and support, me and baby girl are very lucky!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Head Down whoop whoop!

I don't have any pics to go with this post, Tyler has the only camera we have (his Iphone) with him on work. BUT I am just posting to report that I had my 30 week appointment today and baby is officially head down..I am so excited!! I really should get a hobby, or read a book, or 5 to help me with the time and anxious energy. But as tells me, I should relish in these last weeks of life before life is not about Tyler and I anymore..thank you for that babycenter...I shall try ha.It doesn't help that Tyler will only be here for 3 of the remaining 10 weeks, so I guess I'm on my own as far as the "relishing" goes.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A little excitement, YAY!

Tyler has been home for a few weeks now which has been wonderful, and we are trying to take advantage of some time before he's out for work once again. This first picture makes me laugh..It was Mardi Gras day, and I was commenting to Tyler how weird it is to think of all the festivities and Mardi Grasing going on back home, and that a lot of other places (especially Utah) have no idea what day it is..I was proved wrong. Tyler goes into work, (where they pride themselves in their better-than-average cafeteria food), and he sends me this picture..Lo and Behold, a SHRIMP POBOY and FRIED OKRA. I'll be honest, I was shocked, and happy. Tyler said the poboy was gross (I coulda guessed that one..I mean look at those shrimp?!) but the okra was good..Anyway, I just enjoyed that story.

We've got the chair in place and bought the little side table and lamp for babes room, it's coming together!! Tyler and Lola just relaxin' and practicing..lookin' like a natural!

Also got this little beauty, it will be the changing table, and is it just me or do these little drawer organizers make everybody squeal?! Now as my mom says, time to fill em up!

This is weeks 28 and into 29..and yes I realize that if I saw this woman at the gym I would be thinking she should turn her crazy lookin' self around and head on home and take a seat. My gym clothes aren't fitting too well anymore, but hey, at least I'm those people giving me looks can just hush.

Tyler turned the big 3-0 on March 4th, so last Saturday I had a little partay for him..I'm not too good at parties and whatnot, but I figured this was a big one, so go big or go home right? I got him his favorite pizza in the area (the Buffalo Chicken from SLAB in Provo), and had a bunch of his good friends over..Thanks to my sis Jess for her help, Jani for her cookies, and everyone that came to love and support my was a success and Tyler loved it...good thing he got some extra attention cause real soon he will get much, much less...Unfortunately these are the only pics I took.

And this is another picture that makes me laugh, and I know it's not just me, but it's just such a typical "pregnant lady" photo. We were out getting some furniture ideas at Crate and Barrel (drool) and every chance I got I was plopping down takin' a breather..and in this one I also needed a little almond joy pick-me-up. Tyler was just supposed to get a picture of the chair. RUDE. Well we are almost down the 10 week mark and we absolutely can't believe it. I know this time will fly and I am counting down the days till Momma Missy gets in town (May 15th)..and then Esther, and Jess will already be here, so the party will then officially begin...Bring it on baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Prettttyy Boring Round Here...

Well let's just say it has been pretttyy boring round here..Tyler has been going on more work trips, which isn't fun for me, but then I get to spend the money that he is working so hard to make, so that is fun for me...I bought the bedding for baby girl's room from Target, and I'm diggin's more modernish, which is what I wanted, and I can add pops of all these colors throughout the room which will be fun..We also have had the crib for a while, we found a steal of a deal for a brand new crib this mom decided "she just didn't like once it was put together" on KSL..score! Some people............

I then got a lovely little flu about 3 weeks ago, which then turned into a lovely bronchitis-type cough, which is still hanging on.(Coughing is very uncomfortable while pregnant, at least 3 times I thought my water had possibly broken, but nope..haha yikes.) This is what I have looked liked for 3 weeks least Charlie doesn't mind cuddling with me, germs and all.

We went today to a furniture store that is going out of business and picked up this comfy cozy chair for the babes room. I can't wait to cuddle in this chair.

Anddd for the first belly picture I have taken, and I can see why I have consciously/subconsciously been avoiding it..This is 27 weeks, plus a burger, fries, and shake from in-and-out (which definitely added another 3-4 weeks to the look of the belly). But time is going by very fast and I am really loving every day of being pregnant. I don't ever take it for granted and I feel very blessed. May is coming soon and we are getting so excited...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yep I'm Here

Basically, we haven't done much since Christmas, hence the lack of any new posting..Tyler's "summer" has unofficially started. He has been going on some preseason trips, which is a drag for me, but better that he put more time in now so he has some cushion time for BABY. Since he has been gone, and he is the one with the Iphone (which is what I take pictures with), I don't have any pictures of anything interesting to post. I bought baby girl's bedding wich I am loving, and now I am excited to decorate the rest of the room. And I started making one of those big tissue balls that I found on pinterest. It is just a japanese lantern with coffee filters glued all over it. It is a little time consuming,and there is a good chance of multiple burns, but I am loving the way it is turning out. I plan to do 2 smaller, colored ones, and have the balls hanging in the nursery. I will post pictures when I take pictures:)Tonight on the Bachelor, they are in Park City, and some of my friends and I took an adventure to be in the taping of one of his one-on-one dates..and yes we pushed our way to the front of the crowd, and yes we got to touch Ben's jacket, and even his gorgeous locks..and yes we are crossing our fingers that we will be on TV ha. It was very interesting seeing how the tapings and dates actually work, totally staged of course. And I've just been spending good ole quality time with Charlie and Lola..and apparently Lola wants to help prepare me for motherhood by getting into the habit of dumping out any trash she can get a hold of..darn that little dog