Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot Mess

Hot Mess= Me. I am only writing this because I think it is only women who read anywho, when mother nature brings her lovely gift, I turn into THE Hot Mess, and poor Ty gets the brunt of it all. So as a preface, we just bought a house in Lehi and are in the middle of closing which means tons of meetings and paperwork, and this in itself freaks me out, because I feel way too young to be making such a big commitment. I also have finals coming up and Esther's wedding in a few weeks. And finding someone to take over our contract, and packing up, moving, and cleaning our apt before we can move in. Oh, and Tyler leaves this Saturday to Michigan to start working for the summer. So as he is talking about leaving this morning, I feel the panic and tears welling up from inside my throat. (Am I really about to cry? Like really?) Ohhh yeahh. Not just cry, SOB. Like can't catch my breath, tragedy induced crying. The stress just got the best of me. And while I'm sure Tyler is thinking "What in heaven's name is going on?!", he just kisses my forehead, sits me down, and makes a list of what needs to get done to lessen my stress. Such a man thing to do right? But in all honesty, he is what keeps me sane, especially during "these" weeks. Tyler and chocolate (or a pazookie will do just fine) and the world is o.k. again. I just have to write how much I appreciate him and how he keeps me sane, because he is VERY under-appreciated. And because I could quite possibly rip his head off the next time he walks in the room just "for looking at me wrong"..ya never know.