Monday, January 23, 2012

Yep I'm Here

Basically, we haven't done much since Christmas, hence the lack of any new posting..Tyler's "summer" has unofficially started. He has been going on some preseason trips, which is a drag for me, but better that he put more time in now so he has some cushion time for BABY. Since he has been gone, and he is the one with the Iphone (which is what I take pictures with), I don't have any pictures of anything interesting to post. I bought baby girl's bedding wich I am loving, and now I am excited to decorate the rest of the room. And I started making one of those big tissue balls that I found on pinterest. It is just a japanese lantern with coffee filters glued all over it. It is a little time consuming,and there is a good chance of multiple burns, but I am loving the way it is turning out. I plan to do 2 smaller, colored ones, and have the balls hanging in the nursery. I will post pictures when I take pictures:)Tonight on the Bachelor, they are in Park City, and some of my friends and I took an adventure to be in the taping of one of his one-on-one dates..and yes we pushed our way to the front of the crowd, and yes we got to touch Ben's jacket, and even his gorgeous locks..and yes we are crossing our fingers that we will be on TV ha. It was very interesting seeing how the tapings and dates actually work, totally staged of course. And I've just been spending good ole quality time with Charlie and Lola..and apparently Lola wants to help prepare me for motherhood by getting into the habit of dumping out any trash she can get a hold of..darn that little dog

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