Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Head Down whoop whoop!

I don't have any pics to go with this post, Tyler has the only camera we have (his Iphone) with him on work. BUT I am just posting to report that I had my 30 week appointment today and baby is officially head down..I am so excited!! I really should get a hobby, or read a book, or 5 to help me with the time and anxious energy. But as tells me, I should relish in these last weeks of life before life is not about Tyler and I anymore..thank you for that babycenter...I shall try ha.It doesn't help that Tyler will only be here for 3 of the remaining 10 weeks, so I guess I'm on my own as far as the "relishing" goes.


Emily Curfew said...

do you have a sewing machine?? if not, get one!! and start sewing for a hobby! ijust started sewing clothes for pearce in january, and i'm obsessed!! get some Oliver+S patterns, they are the best! they are like little mini sewing lessons. start sewing for your little girl while you have free time on your hands!!

Jessica said...

relish indeed! hahaha. where is tyler going to be for those 7 weeks??? will he be there for the birth?? and when will your mama get there? browsing stuff to watch on netflix is another good hobby to develop. hahaha.

Eliza Auton said...

Emily I have been wanting a sewing machine for the past few months, I should just go buy it already! And I've seen some of the things you've made and they are awesome, so nice jobb Em!! And Jess, Tyler leaves for North Dakota, which is where he/we will be selling for the summer, the 2nd week of April, so I'm on my own until May 15th when Momma Missy gets here..and Tyler WILL be here for the birth, unless I come early and he doesn't get back in time..but I don't let those thoughts enter my mind.. positive thinking right? Right?