Friday, March 9, 2012

A little excitement, YAY!

Tyler has been home for a few weeks now which has been wonderful, and we are trying to take advantage of some time before he's out for work once again. This first picture makes me laugh..It was Mardi Gras day, and I was commenting to Tyler how weird it is to think of all the festivities and Mardi Grasing going on back home, and that a lot of other places (especially Utah) have no idea what day it is..I was proved wrong. Tyler goes into work, (where they pride themselves in their better-than-average cafeteria food), and he sends me this picture..Lo and Behold, a SHRIMP POBOY and FRIED OKRA. I'll be honest, I was shocked, and happy. Tyler said the poboy was gross (I coulda guessed that one..I mean look at those shrimp?!) but the okra was good..Anyway, I just enjoyed that story.

We've got the chair in place and bought the little side table and lamp for babes room, it's coming together!! Tyler and Lola just relaxin' and practicing..lookin' like a natural!

Also got this little beauty, it will be the changing table, and is it just me or do these little drawer organizers make everybody squeal?! Now as my mom says, time to fill em up!

This is weeks 28 and into 29..and yes I realize that if I saw this woman at the gym I would be thinking she should turn her crazy lookin' self around and head on home and take a seat. My gym clothes aren't fitting too well anymore, but hey, at least I'm those people giving me looks can just hush.

Tyler turned the big 3-0 on March 4th, so last Saturday I had a little partay for him..I'm not too good at parties and whatnot, but I figured this was a big one, so go big or go home right? I got him his favorite pizza in the area (the Buffalo Chicken from SLAB in Provo), and had a bunch of his good friends over..Thanks to my sis Jess for her help, Jani for her cookies, and everyone that came to love and support my was a success and Tyler loved it...good thing he got some extra attention cause real soon he will get much, much less...Unfortunately these are the only pics I took.

And this is another picture that makes me laugh, and I know it's not just me, but it's just such a typical "pregnant lady" photo. We were out getting some furniture ideas at Crate and Barrel (drool) and every chance I got I was plopping down takin' a breather..and in this one I also needed a little almond joy pick-me-up. Tyler was just supposed to get a picture of the chair. RUDE. Well we are almost down the 10 week mark and we absolutely can't believe it. I know this time will fly and I am counting down the days till Momma Missy gets in town (May 15th)..and then Esther, and Jess will already be here, so the party will then officially begin...Bring it on baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paige said...

i missssss you what the heck s our problem? we never make time. i still have your little mini bday present sitting in my room too haha. gess says we can storm your palace when tyler leaves next week haha.

i wanna rub your belly. your so cute.

Jessica said...

dang girl! i can't believe your baby is almost here. that chair looks SOOOO comfy. i totally want it. where did you find it at?? and i love that dresser. is it from ikea? we have the double wide one for our bedroom and i love it.

that is so fun that you get to have your mom and sisters there in just a short little bit. it's too bad we all live all over the place. i would love to be able to see your sweet little bundle of joy when she gets here. :)

Emily Curfew said...

we got that same exact white ikea dresser for pearce's nursery. i love it. its my favorite.

have you revealed baby girl's name yet?

lets get together soon!

Billy and Esther said...

Paige I WILL see you this week...I HAVE to!!! I miss youu...Jess we got the chair from this furniture warehouse that was going out of business, so it was a good deal..and it is very comfy..will get used a lot in the upcoming years..and Yes I wish we all lived in a big community, it would be so fun!! Emily- Yep it's from Ikea and I love love it!! girls name will most likely be Stella..I am not 100% committing to it yet..but it's in 1st place at the moment..We need to have ya'll over for dinner or something soon!

Billy and Esther said...

That comment was from me (ELiza), I am signed in to Esther's account so woops!